Discussion in ' The Powder Keg ' started by gerrycaJan 13, Log in or Sign up. Most accurate semi-auto. Jan 13, 1. What is the most accurate. I know Ruger is good, but most accurate ones have had up-grades or customizing. Jan 13, 2. Jan 13, 3. Suggestion Marlin Model 60, tube fed. Jan 14, 4. This, is just somewhere beyond answering. The Marlin 60 is a very well known gun that has been popular for decades. The Savage. If it comes to out of the box I would most likely choose this gun.

For a more moderte price I would most likely go with the Marlin. This is a forum and you will get varying posts. I am not one who will argue with the views of others on this question. Jan 14, 5. I have many semi's, Ruger, Marlin, Winchester, Browning, vintage to new and out of all of them my Belgium Browning SA 22 is the most accurate with the Winchesters just behind them followed by the Marlin 60's.

Reliability follows the same order with the older ones being the best and smoothest. The Marlin and Ruger get a occasional jam but not the Browning from the master himself, hail: John M. Browning or Winchester 63 designed by T.

Jan 14, 6. They were both very good shooters. KW Gary MJan 14, Jan 14, 7. Which ever one shoots best for YOU, using your ammo and shooting style. Big DogJan 14, Jan 14, 8.

Marlin 60, awesome. Marlinawesome. But read my post on repairing Marlin FTE's. Don't use Remington ammo if you can help it, and make sure the ejector wire is angled properly like the one in the pics Jan 18, 9. Jan 19, I have a Marlin model Grew up shooting a model Months ago, I wrote an article entitled "The most accurate 22 rifle for the money" that utilized quite a bit of data from four different rifles shooting many types of 22 ammunition.

The purpose was to identify the best rifle and ammo value for the money spent. The outcome of the test showed that a custom built Kidd rifle produced tighter groups with many different types and brands of ammo than the other 3. Check out the article here. The average group size from the Kidd custom was the best, or smallest, but it was only a few thousandths of an inch better than the Savage Mark II.

That's a lot of money for only a few thousandths tighter group. Therefore the Savage was the most accurate rifle for the money. But not everyone is looking for the absolute best value in accuracy for the dollar. Hard core rifle shooters today are after that small increment in accuracy improvement that leads them to successfully hitting targets at long range consistently.

Even if it costs a few bucks more. They all know that today there is very little difference between factory made precision rim fire rifle performance.

22lr accuracy test

Technology has come so far that once an optimum load is found for a specific rifle, most all of today's rifles manufactured for precision can obtain outstanding results. The only question that is left is which one of these rifles is the best out of the box?

To answer that question we could do another test similar to the one discussed above where we shoot many different types of ammo through them and measure delivered group size to determine which one will deliver the smallest and most consistent groups. I am firmly convinced that with this class of rifles, there would be very little difference in the results from rifle to rifle and if there were, you would have to shoot thousands of rounds for the data to become statistically conclusive.

If you are into bench rest shooting the difference here would probably be big to you, but if that is your sport, you will be going with a custom rifle anyway in order to squeeze that last 1 thousandths our of consistency.

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Therefore, I believe the best approach is to be more proactive by identifying the factory precision rifle with the best design features that will yield the highest level of accuracy right out of the box. I will attempt to answer that question below by comparing manufacturers specifications on the top rifles that I have identified from several manufacturers. I own some of these rifles. As for the others, I will probably soon own them as I have a tendency to buy more rim fire precision rifles than any one person will ever need.

None of these rifles are poor choices as all of them will deliver outstanding accuracy out of the box. But which one is the best? I have put the manufacturers advertised specs together in the table below. Although I have seen semi auto rifles shoot better than bolt actions and vice versa, I will keep them separate as I believe overall they are in different classes and the design of a bolt gun is inherently more accurate than a semi auto.

The table above is a specification comparison of the bolt action factory produced rifles that I consider to be the top of the rimfire offerings today.

Most accurate semi-auto .22LR?

I know there are some really good other rimfire rifles out there, and I will add those as this comparison grows. In the table, a green highlighted cell means that for this specification, the rifle has the best design in my opinion.

My opinion is based on the rifles ability, through it's design, to allow the shooter to perform at the highest level of performance - meaning the ability to deliver consistent accuracy.The most accurate factory-made rim fire rifle for the money is the Savage Mark II.

Yes, there are custom rifles out there that will shoot better than this rifle - but not a lot better and for a lot more money. Savage offers several versions of the Mark II with different stock options, barrel materials, and different barrel lengths but all of them have consistency of manufacturing methods, chamber dimensions, and trigger superiority that make Mark II's so accurate.

I don't know of another rifle in this price range that will shoot half inch groups right out of the box. I have a Kidd build that was done from the ground up, starting with the action. Although it's not custom, I have an Anschutz model 54 which shoots great.

Bullet Concentricity

I also own 3 different models of the Savage MKII and can tell you that out of the box, with a decent optic, they will shoot one half inch 5 shot groups at 50 yards.

A better shot than me could probably do slightly better. My custom rifles have a hard time matching that performance, and some can't.

If you have your favorite rifle that isn't the Savage, that's great. Shoot what you enjoy. But if accuracy is your primary objective, the table below might convince you to think again. Related Articles.

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Best hunting rifle slings. Best shooting mats for the money. Best spotting scopes for the money. This table is from an experiment done by dayattherange. The purpose of the test was to identify which ammo was the best all around. A byproduct of the test was categorizing the data to compare the test rifles to see which one shot the best over all of the 14 different types of ammo. All groups were shot at 50 yards. Except for CCI standard velocity, all of the ammo tested was match grade.

Believe it or not, out of all of the ammo tested, the CCI standard velocity actually performed the best out of all of the rifles tested. What this means is that the least expensive ammo performed best with the least expensive rifle not including the custom Kidd build. I have written a post describing my experiences with CCI standard velocity, check it out here. This is the most extensive test of rifles I have ever seen. These results can be taken with high degree of confidence.

The Savage MKII, no matter what model you settle for is the best rifle for the money and can be tuned to shoot with much higher priced rifles. It shoots better, or at least as well, as most of them right out of the box.

I don't know of a better test you could do to determine the best rifle. The differences in group size at 50 yards are not huge, but at yards that kind of difference would begin to matter. At yards, it would matter a great deal when trying to be consistently accurate.Competition is a wonderful thing. When the smoking hot. The engineers at Savage Arms, however, took the antacid and developed a solution.

22lr accuracy test

The A22 Magnum followed the A17 early inbut that left an uncomfortably large hole in this fledgling, contemporary styled rimfire series.

A few months ago, Savage filled that hole with the release of the A22 LR. The semi-auto. Off-the-shelf high-performance. That world has, in fact, been dominated by one manufacturer for many years. We were able to get an A22 LR special-ordered through our local dealer just as Savage was making their initial deliveries.

The rifle came with a sleek, black poly stock, black matte finish, two round internal rotary magazines, adjustable open sights, and a pre-mounted Weaver-style top mount base pair. Throwing the rifle to your shoulder, the A22 has a light, comfortable feel, with a length-of-pull and comb drop height that fits perfectly to our mid-size frame. This is a three-piece unit with infinitely adjustable windage and elevation. As veteran shooters know, there are many paths that lead to accuracy defined as consistent point-of-impact.

We left it at the factory setting, which was a tad heavy for our tastes, but it can be adjusted by the shooter for optimal pull. Travel length is short and the sear break is crisp and light, allowing minimal shot disturbance during the firing sequence. Without cleaning the barrel after those initial rounds fired, we moved the target out to 50 yards for the final dial-in and expended another 50 rounds getting familiar with the rifle and the trigger pull.

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The A22 performed flawlessly, with no failure to feed, failure to eject, or failure to fire malfunctions despite shooting it straight out of the box with only the original factory lube. The temperature was a brisk 34 degrees, with crosswinds of mph. The polymer stock, for example, really gives the A22 a light and maneuverable feel, making it easy to transition between shoulder carry and port arms carry when needling your way through brush. Another feature we like is the bolt hold-open capability.

Although the bolt does not hold open on the last round fired, you can manually place it in the open position by pulling back on the bolt handle and depressing the bolt hold-open button positioned just in front of the trigger guard. To close the bolt, simply pull back slightly on the bolt handle and release. If there is one gig we would give the A22, it would be the magazine. We do like the round rotary mag because it is compact, fits flush with the stock when installed, and is easy to load.

The problem we had was that it came unlocked a few times when we unslung it from our shoulder. You must make sure it is securely locked in place and be aware that catching the retaining tab on your clothing or accidently hitting it could cause the mag to fall out. Unfortunately, the foul weather had the little buggers hunkered down in their leafy nests for the duration. No shots fired. On the plus side, we got a lot of exercise taking the A22 for long walks. That it comes optic-ready is another a bonus.

Your email address will not be published. Out of the box and straight to the field, this all-new rimfire surprised us with its accuracy and value.

Not anymore.I started shooting lever action PC last year using a m and federal 50gr, started in a class and by the end of the year had made aaa. I know some will say to change caliber and others know that some rams are lost due to caliber choice which in fact is true, though for the most part the ones I hit fall. Back to my original concern, accuracy. I can say that I need to hit all targets more consistently and that all starts with consistent ammo. Last edited by rr; at PM. I shot silhouette competition for years and they never allowed "reloading".

I've seen and shot some. From the sound of it when it went off, it probably wasn't safe either. Without testing it with the proper equipment, you may be a disaster waiting to happen. Pulling the bullets and reseating them isn't a good idea either.

It distorts the bullets and will give you an inconsistent neck tension. I shoot thousands of rounds of it a year and have tested every brand of ammo manufactured. Like it's little brother the. I've never owned a. The best results I've ever gotten were with bullets in the 40g and 50g weights. Most of my guns would shoot at least 1.

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If you're using open sights and shooting 4" groups at that distance I'd venture to say your two biggest problems are likely your shooting skills using open sights and the probability that your particular gun may not be capable of better accuracy.

My one and only m just wasn't a great shooting gun. My current Savage bolt gun will easily shoot five shots into 1. I'd suggest trying more ammo variety and possibly another gun if target competition is your game.

FWIW, I shot an informal leage last year not rigid rules using my Savage and averaged over 37 standing on the rimfire handgun sized targets using factory ammo.

Educational Zone #157 – A Super Accurate .22 Rifle, The Savage Mark II BSEV

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum. Edit: Forgot to mention something about "reloading". The gun may or may not tolerate the increased pressure from using powders designed for centerfire cartridges probably notbut the case itself wasn't designed for the increased pressure.

This is just a bad idea to try and do this. I can't emphasize strongly enough how bad a practice this is.

22lr accuracy test

Most rimfire rifles don't lock up like a centerfire and aren't designed to contain the pressures and possibility of a case rupture at high pressure. You start with ten fingers and two eyes and it's a good idea to try and keep all of them.Theories, Myths, and Fables of Accuracy.

This story starts over a decade ago, when I read that measuring the rim thickness of 22 long rifle bullets would improve accuracy. I also learned at this time that some of the bench rest shooters were experimenting with weighing their bullets to improve accuracy.

Furthermore, even if you have proof, I will still go out and prove it to myself. So starts the last ten years of research that has finally yielded the first key to improved accuracy for caliber long rifle ammunition. This theory, applied from center-fire experience, reduced group diameters by 35 percent 0.

Not only did I decide to sort ammunition by rim thickness for accuracy testing, I also measured the rim concentricity, bullet weight, bullet diameter, case diameter, length to ogive, velocity, and bullet concentricity. In the tables of data that I collected, the more expensive ammunition has a much smaller range of variance for these measured aspects when compared to less expensive ammunition.

My initial testing was from hard sandbag rests at an indoor facility with a Anschutz equipped with a 20x Unertl scope. I originally shot 5 round groups, and the testing grew to include seventeen brands of ammunition.

Rimfire Accuracy Forum

The first tests that I conducted were for rim thickness, bullet weight, and bullet concentricity. I already had a nice powder scale to weigh bullets, and there were at least three different models of rim thickness measuring tools on the market. However, no one was offering a reliable tool to measure the bullet concentricity of 22 long rifle bullets. The data from the tests for rim thickness and shell weight sorting was inconclusive.

The last test conducted at this range was for bullet concentricity. Bullet concentricity, also called run-out, is the relationship of the bullet axis to the case axis as illustrated in Figure 1.

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Finally, a test that actually had some consistency in the data. The data was not perfect because of my errors in technique. However, I had enough to convince myself to continue testing. Figure 1. A decade later, now I believe that some.

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My conclusion from the results was simple, I needed better facilities to conduct tests and collect data. Then a good friend of mine, Dr.


The bench rail vise at the OTC is the style that mounts a rifle in the stock and my Anschutz was again used for testing. Once again the rim thickness sorting did not produce statistical results. Additionally, the bullet weight measurements did not produce any reliable data. However, Eley 10x shot two consecutive tests that strongly supported the bullet concentricity theory. Figure 2 contains the measured results of these two bullet concentricity tests.

These tests were shot with 10 round groups. Because of the multiple tests I had prepared for, the bullet concentricity tests were fired with bullets that all had the same 0.Rather than cutting corners and trying to bring a rifle to market at a low price point, Lithgow designed their rifle with a focus on performance.

The LA was a unique rifle with a beefy well made feel. Before the center-fire LA, there was the rimfire LA The LA is built like it means business. The three-lug rear-locking bolt has a smart, short throw and cycles fresh rounds into the chamber from the CZ-style detachable magazine. All metal surfaces are coated in Cerakote. The stock is the same dense polymer used in the LA center-fire rifle.

22lr accuracy test

The length-of-pull is adjustable with a spacer system and the bottom has a hook for shooting from the prone position. For testing and evaluation purposes, I mounted a Zeiss Conquest V4 x56mm scope in Badger Ordnance medium high steel rings. As configured with the scope, rings and Harris bipod, the rifle weighs in at 9. Generally, they shoot one or two types of ammunition better than others. Most 22 guys will have a bunch of different ammunition on hand. All shooting was done prone from a bipod with a rear bag.

I had quite a bit of Eley Club, so I shot eighteen 5-shot groups at 50 yards. Average accuracy was. I fired six different 5-shot groups with the Wolf Match Extra. Average accuracy for the six groups was. The best group. I would highly recommend it for an application like this. I had a blast with the Lithgow LA It is a fun, well built little gun!

To learn more about the LA, click here. While I enjoy shooting, the task has slowly evolved from a hobby to a job. The carefree days at the range are largely gone, replaced by trips to gather data, test loads and proof various […]. Inexpensive to shoot and easily found chambered in rifles throughout the world, the. All content Copyright Rifleshooter. April 12, What's new? Share this: Email Facebook Twitter Print. More great content! Next Reloading Bent decapping rods are bad.

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